What is Email Signature Marketing?

November 12, 2014 Dan Hanrahan

We're glad you asked!

At it's core, think of email signature marketing as a way to turn every email your employees send into a marketing campaign. Unlike traditional mass email marketing, employee email provides you with millions of impressions to your most engaged audience.

Sigstr's email signature marketing app dynamically inserts targeted 1:1 ads in the email signature section of every email your employees send. Check out the video below for an overview on email signature marketing and the Sigstr platform.

The main components of email signature marketing

The secret to unlocking employee email as a new marketing channel? Any of these main Sigstr features:

  • 1:1 Targeting
    • Use simple and reliable targeting to deliver the right content to the right audience every time.
  • Multi-Banner Campaigns
    • Upload multiple banners under a single campaign so that your content never goes stale.
  • Internal banners
    • Serve targeted campaign banners to your internal teammate to promote HR announcements, training content, and company events.
  • GDPR-Compliant Marketing
    • Sigstr gives your next-generation email marketing capabilities that make sure your message is seen.

Want more ideas on email signature marketing? Check out Sigstr's "The State of Email Signature Marketing" report for customer examples, trends, and more.

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