Case Studies

Check out Sigstr's collection of case study PDFs and customer stories that show how marketers today are using email signature marketing.

  • Sigstr Pulse Case Study: Lessonly

    Sigstr Pulse Case Study: Lessonly

    Lessonly’s sales and marketing teams use Sigstr Pulse to understand all of their relationships while staying aligned with event marketing and territory planning.

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  • Kforce Case Study

    Kforce Case Study

    See how a remedy to a branding pain point quickly turned into a marketing goldmine. Kforce achieved over 40,000 clicks with Sigstr in less than a year! Learn more in this case study.

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  • Net Health Case Study

    Net Health Case Study

    Using Sigstr to rally employee engagement and drive customer conversations

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  • Herff Jones Case Study

    Herff Jones Case Study

    Earns 300% return on Sigstr investment on a single campaign

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  • Invoca Case Study

    Invoca Case Study

    Seeing a 477% increase in pipeline generation by using Sigstr to promote annual event

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  • Canvas Case Study

    Canvas Case Study

    Using Sigstr to promote webinars with registrations increasing 48 percent in seven days

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  • Return Path Case Study

    Return Path Case Study

    Driving engagement and conversions with their most important contacts

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  • SalesLoft Case Study

    SalesLoft Case Study

    One out of every eight clicks on a Sigstr banner resulted in a new event registration for SalesLoft

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  • Indiana Pacers Case Study

    Indiana Pacers Case Study

    Boosting corporate partnerships with a new digital channel

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  • Cohesity Case Study

    Cohesity Case Study

    Service and collaboration are key reasons why Cohesity partners with Sigstr

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  • Mapp Digital Case Study

    Mapp Digital Case Study

    Using employee email to distribute relevant content worldwide

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  • Sandbox Case Study

    Sandbox Case Study

    This digital marketing agency is defining their brand through employee email

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  • Studio Science Case Study

    Studio Science Case Study

    This design and innovation consultancy has a killer lineup of email signature banner designs

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  • Raidious Case Study

    Raidious Case Study

    Utilizing every email sent for recruitment and outbound efforts

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  • California Closets Case Study

    California Closets Case Study

    Promoting regional events with brand consistency in email signatures

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  • A&A Case Study

    A&A Case Study

    This leading provider of freight and warehousing is achieving 20X ROI after just two months

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